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Marijuana Oil

Marijuana oil is easy to make and can be used for endless cooking recipes. Your marijuana's THC binds to the oil of choice and is released into the bloodstream when ingested.

here's it goes:

Use the oil your recipe calls for: olive, canola, vegetable, sunflower seed ... what ever, bacon fat. 

Marijuana Oil - quick method

  1. Place the amount of weed and oil in sauté pan that the recipe calls for.
  2. cook between 350-380 for 20-30 minutes with out burning or smoking weed in the pan.
  3. Done



Marijuana Oil - Preffered Method

This is the recipe for a nice green tasty marijuana cooking oil. It takes time so you can make a whole bottle a head of time if you want. use about 1-3 eighths per cup of oil really the strength is up to you. If you make it too strong you will go to sleep, if you make it too week you might not be able to eat enough to get the desired results. 3 Eights will be strong even for a daily smoker.

  1. Finely grind marijuana
  2. Place marijuana in oil according to the measurements above.
  3. Cook on Low about 150-170 all day Or Just infuse marijuana directly in the room temperature oil for a week or so. Your Marijuana Oil is complete when it turns a spectacular green color.
  4. Strain through cheese cloth or leave it right in the bottle. Picture of bottle below.

Marijuana Oil

Note: You Can Place Whole Buds In the Bottle And use it as a marijuana infused oil, heat applied only speeds up the process of binding the THC with the oil. Remember good things come to those that wait so be patient with your marijuana oil. Also note I would put a lot more of marijuana than the picture shows here. The key to cooking in general is passion and so is true when cooking with marijuana.

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